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DJ ProMixer Free Home Edition

Easy, intuitive and ergonomically designed for Deejays. DJ ProMixer has been designed to offer the best professional
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10 January 2012

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This is a DJ software that makes creating and making a session quick and easy.

DJ ProMixer is a low cost DJ Software. This free version can be used to getting used to the software and studying the features of it. If you do find it useful you could upgrade to the Pro version for additional features. The tool lets you download video clips from the YouTube and then extract the audio from such clips easily. Opening a session, recording a session, etc. are functions related to musical sessions that are available. This tool interfaces with a range of MIDI controllers and CD MIDI some which are Pioneer CDJ 350, Numark NDX 900, Denon DN-SC 2000, Numark Mixtrack / Pro, Numark DJ2Go, etc. The software can be configured for the slow, medium and fast operation of the PC/Laptop you are going to run it on. It includes settings for netbooks too.

The tool offers a complete mixer with cross fade between two tracks; auto beat detection, supports up to three effects such as echo, flanger, wah, etc. Beat of a track can be slowed down or speeded up to match with beats of other tracks. Six samplers per load can be applied, six memory banks CUE/Loop mode and selectable hot/ normal are possible. The software supports a range of audio formats that include MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, WMA, FLA, AAC, etc. The display is waveform based; overall design is in black as with actual professional DJ equipment. The tool allows direct and easy access to the functions. Loops can be automatic or manual and there’s an adjustable brake. This is a very good tool for professionals as well as trainee DJ’s.

Publisher's description

DJ ProMixer The first Professional DJ Software Low Cost & High Quality, presents the new version V.15 now Free.
Easy, intuitive and ergonomically designed for Deejays, DJ ProMixer offer the new version completly Free, with the possibility to convert to PRO Edition Version only 1,99 e or just One SMS (see available countries).
New Features:
* Download and convert Youtube videos to MP3
* New Desing
* Open functions
* Record your sessions
* New Controllers and CD MIDI added: Pioneer CDJ 350, Numark NDX 900, Denon DN-SC 2000, Numark Mixtrack / Pro, Numark DJ2Go.
Three different forms of system performance to offer the best way to adapt DJ ProMixer to your computer with optimum efficiency. For Fast, Medium and Slow computers also included Netbooks settings.
The Wheel of DJ Promixer is the most advanced of the market, attractively designed with VU with ballistics values and vintage look, is a multifunction wheel also controls the bend, scratch, quick search and effects.
Six memory banks CUE / Loop mode selectable Hot / Normal
The ergonomics of DJ Promixer allows direct access and easy access to the functions of the tracks.
Loops in automatic mode and manual mode, adjustable brake (stop like turntable), load and sync are showed prominently in a function block by deck.
Central Panel Multifunction (Mixer, Effects, Sampler, Automix)
Advanced List up to three levels
More features:
* Complete Mixer with Crossfade between two tracks.
* Automatic beat detection.
* Until three simultaneous effects (Echo, Flanger Wah).
* Supports a large number of audio formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV., AIFF, WMA, FLA, AAC.
* Change the pitch in real time of each track, slow it down or speed it up to manually sync it with the other tracks.
* Six Samplers per load.
* Complete Audio Setup include ASIO support.
DJ ProMixer Free Home Edition
DJ ProMixer Free Home Edition
Version 1.5
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Excellent Tool SaveTube: Download and convert videos from YouTube to MP3.
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